Leveraging WEB3.0 in Online Counseling: 7 Innovative Points to Transform Marketing

In the current era where online counseling is becoming increasingly important, let’s check out seven points that can help differentiate your service from competitors by utilizing WEB3.0 and Digital Transformation (DX) for more effective marketing.

Improve credibility with the introduction of Decentralized Identifiers (DID)
Introducing Decentralized Identifiers (DID) is crucial for improving the credibility of your online counseling service. By using DID, you can securely manage user data and enhance privacy protection.

Encourage usage and improve brand value with a token economy
By issuing your own virtual currency or tokens and incentivizing user behavior such as using counseling services or referring the service to others, you can expect to increase usage of the service and improve brand value.

Streamline data management with decentralized storage
By utilizing decentralized storage such as IPFS (InterPlanetary File System) or Filecoin, you can securely and efficiently store counseling records and material data, which can lead to an improvement in service quality.

Increase convenience with smart contracts
Automating counseling contracts and payments with smart contracts can reduce fees and avoid disputes. This can improve the convenience for both users and counselors and increase the appeal of the service.

Ensure transparency in the evaluation system with blockchain
Recording counselor evaluations on the blockchain can improve ease of selection and satisfaction. Evaluation data can also be utilized for marketing purposes.

Maximize word-of-mouth effects with social mining
Introducing social mining and rewarding users with original tokens or points for sharing or recommending the service on SNS or blogs, or participating in community activities can lead to the spread of word-of-mouth and reputation online, and ultimately lead to the acquisition of new customers.

Optimize individual counseling plans using decentralized oracles
By utilizing decentralized oracles to import external data, you can optimize individual counseling plans. Providing plans tailored to the user’s needs can increase satisfaction and promote repeat use or referrals.

By introducing WEB3.0 into online counseling and considering these points, you can maximize marketing effects and provide a service that can attract business people. Utilize Digital Transformation (DX) to differentiate yourself from competitors.



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